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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  May 3, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform.
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>> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- >> a weaver of dreams a balloon of the mind. a neat thing i just said. [ laughter ] >> it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. looky here it is another unsol listed testimonial. i found you on current and now
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my life is complete. now you are on from 3 to 4:00 pm pacific time. and the same still stands i'll shave and shower after steph. >> improving grooming habits across the nation. >> jim who said when we were on our knee, he wanted to stick a shive in our backs. >> who said that. >> captain kangaroo. >> no jennifer grandholm of the fabulous -- >> i wasn't close at all. >> of the fabulous show on current. [ applause ] >> all right. let's go to christine in madison you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi christine. >> hi. >> hi! >> hey, i heard you guys earlier
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talking about that the right is all concerned and up in a roar whatever about obama's motto for the campaign which part of it is saying forward right? >> yes. >> so in wisconsin, which is where i am the state motto here since 1851 -- >> is -- >> has been forward. >> forward. >> yes. and what is interesting about that the meaning behind it is that wisconsin should be a leader in the country. okay? so -- and if you look that up that's what is on the state's website at but walker has a tv ad out right now where it shows a jeep going up a hill saying that he is driving the state forward, okay. and then the truck slips down the hill saying that the democrats are trying to drag it
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backwards. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. so i think it's interesting that walker is using forward which is the state motto, and yet all of the right-wing -- >> but he did this with his hands when he said it. when president obama does it -- >> yes, that makes him marxist. >> if you look at his fund-raising, there is no other kind giving to his campaign. remember obama on the power of very small donations. mitt romney this evening -- last night, speaking to a group of high-dollar donors at the it with carlton, you can only imagine how insuffererable that
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was. he commented forward what over the cliff? [ affected laughter ] >> he said his new slogan is progress. no forward. progress is all right. i might use that one. >> oh my god! >> he makes no sense. >> there is always hope for progress -- >> who wants a scrambled word sausage. okay. they paid up to $10,000 for access to the candidate. and who wouldn't pay that? >> i would pay $10,000 to make him go away. >> well there is that. >> all of that warmth. okay. let's go to griffin in florida. >> hey, how are you doing? >> good. go ahead. >> do you remember monty
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python's flying circus. >> of course. >> do you remember the sketch confusing cat. >> yes. my god i hope it works! >> it seems like the republicans are trying to drop the cat and put in voter. confuse the voter. >> yes. >> so they don't know what is going on so you accidentally vote to cut your own throat. >> that's exactly right. by the way that was a full throated endorsement from newt gingrich huh? >> was there an endorsement? >> sort of. i think the most [ inaudible ] ever which is saying something. [ applause ] >> he doesn't suck as much as the other guy. >> and he really did mention the moon colony. >> he said suspending his campaign does not mean suspending citizenship.
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>> i'm king of the moon. >> he tepidly endorsed romney. is mitt romney conservative between barack obama. this is a choice between mitt romney and the most radical leftist president in the history. [ crickets chirping ] >> he is better than that black guy. >> he is not the most leftist president by a long shot. fdr, maybe. >> yeah, or his cousin teddy. >> one of my favorite gingrich moments when we criticized paul ryan's policy and then he said anyone who quoted him, quoted him dishonestly. >> shut up quite frankly. >> megan in chicago. welcome. >> morning steph. morning mooks. >> morning. >> can somebody please tell us what the what dennis miller was
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on and where i can get some. >> yeah. >> he was manical. >> yes. >> can i be the official single mom, working two jobs alcoholic for the show? >> yes. good for you, uniquely american. [ bell chimes ] >> scott in madison. hi scottie. >> hi there. yesterday i called the church where shawn harris profit tiezing his hate and i go not answer, but apparently there is a school associated with that church. so i called the school and i spoke with a woman who assured me the following that reverend harris was a good man; that he loves children; and the whole
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thing was taken out of context. >> when i queried further, she could not tell me his position on -- you know raising children who are -- who exhibit, you know, maybe cross-gender traits or -- you know little boys that might be interested in dolls, and action figures. i asked a lot of questions and she had no response. so i just wanted to call and share that with you all. >> i think the response is simple. you should punch them. >> yeah. >> i wonder if they punch the little sissy boys at that school. just to get them straight. >> yeah knock the gay out of them. awesome. >> good. >> lots of answers there. >> child protective services needs to investigate that school if he advocates that. >> yeah. >> can a rent boy be far away in his future? >> yeah.
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[ laughter ] >> look, i punched him. look at how manly i am! >> i have a bad back! >> i just had to hire him to hold my sack! bag. >> yeah. my favorite thing is your daughter is not pretty maybe you can just shaker into -- la, la la la. >> punch her until she is pretty. >> or just throw a bunch of makeup at her and see -- >> yeah. okay. carol in pennsylvania, you are than "stephanie miller show." >> hi, i'm calling from redneck country. >> redneck pennsylvania, i know it well. >> right. so you can have sympathy for me. my proposal to save millions and millions of dollars for our republican friends is for them to give up all of their healthcare free that the government gives them.
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whatever their position in government is governor congress senate, and especially scott brown should give his up and i wanted to get your opinion on that. look at the money we could save. >> how could scott brown in massachusetts his 23-year-old daughter is on his fancy socialist government healthcare thanks to president obama, and he'll have options if obamacare is repealed and she's not on his -- god. just like mitt romney saying just borrow money from your parents to start a business. >> yeah. >> borrow $50,000. what? what is the problem? >> yeah. >> vonseal. hello. >> hi, guys. hello. i had to correct something that the fabulous carol said. next tuesday is the 8th, ladies and gentlemen, and that's important because that's the day we vote on amendment 1.
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i thought maybe for a while he was a republican -- >> operative. >> right. trying to throw us off on the date. the other thing is billy graham -- i think billy graham is now a puppet of franklin graham. yeah. >> there are nine ad across the state in which billy graham comes out against amendment one. >> is that good or bad? >> now i'm confused. he has come out in favor of amendment one. >> no on yes. >> yes, exactly. he has come out in favor of amendment one. a scholar says he is never really in his history has he come out -- >> yeah. >> -- in favor of against a social policy like this. so you know it's the fine hand
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of franklin graham. >> for people listening, because we had this confusion in california. amendment one is the anti-gay amendment that will be voted on next tuesday, so vote no on amendment one. >> it's vote against. the ballot will say are you for or against amendment one. and you are against amendment one. >> all right. by the way, mom, i'm talking to you, cancel that bridge game. >> there you go. and raleigh does offer [ inaudible ] benefits. >> so those would go away if amendment one passes. >> those would go away. and those in favor are spreading the lie that amendment one will not affect these benefits. it's so vague. it's written so poorly that it could be interpreted all kinds of ways. >> yeah absolutely. >> that's what they did with prop 8 out here. >> exactly. >> all right. thank you honey.
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[ applause ] >> free krem brule for everybody that votes -- oh that's the owner of the snooty french restaurant -- >> that might even be illegal to try to buy votes like that. >> all right. i was just spitballing. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> are you thinking what i'm thinking? >> all the time bitch. >> good. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ and we don't stick to party lines. >>people who buy politicians got to cover their bets. >>we are the investigators fiercely independent, and we don't hold back. >>we're here because we're independent and that's what we love. >>...and we don't do talking points. >>i think the hypocrisy is so blatant. >>and above all...
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and there's only once place you'll find us. >>weeknights on current tv. [ bob cannon ] samuel adams summer ale is a flavorful wheat beer. it has a very nice spice note. [ jim koch ] it has a little lemon zest and a historic brewing spice called grains of paradise. -it's citrusy. -lemony. sam adams summer ale it totally reminds you of summer, you know?
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>>the dominoes are starting to fall. (vo) former two term governor, jennifer granholm, is politically direct on current tv >> what should women be doing? >> electing women to office. in about 15 minutes, we are going to have an awesome "young turks" for you guys. we have notes from bin laden's compound. he was going after president obama. you know why? he doesn't like biden. amazing. we have so much more on it. what did he think of iran and fox news. come on, how are you not going to watch that? and one of the top neo-cons in the country is going to be here. that will be a great conversation.
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plus we have a tanning lady, should her kids been taken away. have you seen her? she is crazy. plus stand your ground in florida, hey if you shoot you will be fine if it's self-defense. wrong. if you are a woman, apparently you get 20 years. don't miss "the young turks," we're coming!
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♪ ♪ everybody here . . . ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ ♪ stick those hands in the air,
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let's go, let's go ♪ >> it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 51 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. joshua hersh reporter extrordanaire live from afghanistan at the top of the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. oh by the way -- [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> romney is a little bit whiny about the president talking about his success in the bin laden raid. mitt romney doesn't like that the president's recollection campaign -- [ baby crying ] . >> -- has decided to out to the decision to order the raid that killed bin laden, based on his comments in 2007 saying he wouldn't have done the same thing, obama was taking the wrong -- blah blah blah. back in 2004. president bush ran a smear
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campaign which undermined john kerry's service in vietnam. dick cheney said if we make the wrong choice the danger is we'll get hit again. romney willfully participated in the bush cheney smear campaign in an august interview. he suggested kerry would twiddle hinge thumbs when dealing with terrorism. romney said kerry is too much of a -- wait for it -- flip flopper. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] [ applause ] >> he is a guy who has a hard time finding which side of a position to come down on. [ laughter ] >> really? just fill in your own joke there. romney blasted obama of untrustworthy for combatting the
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radical violence of the jihad. >> now that he has done something about it stop bragging. it's so unseemly. [ applause ] >> hi mike. >> good morning, you sexy liberal. first of all i want to say bring your show to the heartland. >> oh. >> i heard on fox news someone might have said somewhere that ann romney probably shopped on the clearance rack and got a two for one deal on that t-shirt. >> oh i'm sure. it probably only came down to $500 for a t-shirt. >> that's at the 9 hundred 99,000 cent store. [ whacky comedy music ] >> apparently you can shake your daughter pretty.
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>> and here is a tweet, if shaking make girls pretty did somebody put steph into a paint mixer. >> thank you. >> you have a fan. [ laughter ] >> hi patrice. >> good morning, guys. i'm not sure if you have checked out obama's website where he has a listing of all of mitt romney's seven bank accounts and the amount of the bank accounts -- >> yes. >> i'm a man of the people. not the american people. >> exactly. and i have yet to hear romney respond to that. i think also too, they have so much stuff on romney besides the flip flops, lies and everything. i think they have so much stuff on him it's like where do we start. there's something bigger that hasn't been said yet, and i think romney knows it.
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and that's why he is doing all of these pre-emptive strikes, because he obama is coming after him. and it will be on the economic front and apparently according to the media, romney's strength is supposed to be the economy. >> right. i think they have done a pretty good job don't you on the obama campaign -- they haven't even started yet, and they have kind of ripped romney's records to shreds don't you think? >> yeah. >> mittens yesterday. >> he is taken to attacking success, he has taken to dividing the american people. he has taken to find scapegoats for his own failures finding some way to explain why three and a half years into his presidency this economy is still bumping along the bottom. >> because he is cleaning up the mess that your guy left behind. >> there you go blaming bush again. >> yes. because blush did it.
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>> romney's economic advisor just wrote a book about what we need in this country more income inequality. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> it is now worse than the ivory coast and pakistan or income inequality. maybe even worse than ancient rome. edward connor gained notoriety as the million dollars mystery done donor. he was a former director of oh bain capital. he aggressively argues the growing inequality is a sign that our economy is working, and
3:54 pm
if we had a little more of it then everyone particularly the 99% would be better off. >> by which he means dead. >> income inequality help ever because investors make products that the 99% benefit from. [ applause ] >> somebody has to make those. >> shape in the chat room says do you need to wash a $900 t-shirt in the tears of the underprivileged. >> you do. >> that's your ancient chinese secret. >> that's funny. because it is true. all right. 58 minutes after the hour. joshua hersh next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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it's go time. >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the guys in the middle class the guys in the lower end got screwed again. >>i think you know which one we're talking about. the overwhelming majority of the country says"tax the rich, don't go to war." >>just wanted to clarify that. [ woman ] oh, my gosh -- it's so good! [ kristal ] we're just taking a sample of all our different items in our festival of shrimp so we can describe them to our customers. [ male announcer ] red lobster's festival of shrimp starts now! for just $12.99, pair any two of 9 exciting shrimp creations like new barbeque glazed shrimp or crab stuffed shrimp. the crab-stuffed shrimp are awesome! [ woman ] very creamy. that's a keeper! [ woman ] shrimp skewer. [ woman #2 ] sweet, smoky. [ man ] delicious! [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] any combination just $12.99! [ woman ] so what are ya'lls favorites? [ group ] everything! [ laughter ] we're servers at red lobster. and we sea food differently.
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